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Typical projects managed by Glen Builders range in value up to $6 million with an average annual volume of $12 million.
The company has managed several projects in excess of $3 million and has an established capacity and record to manage projects as high as $6 million.

David Miller, Owner/President and Project Manager
David Miller oversees every Glen Builders project. A graduate of Fryeburg Academy and Johnson State College with a degree in Business Management, he joined Glen Builders in 1988. Prior to purchasing the company in 2008, he headed up all excavation projects from estimate through project close-out; these projects ranged in value from $125,000 to $2.1 million. Since purchasing the company, he has continued to personally oversee all excavation projects including scheduling and supervision of men, purchasing of materials, scheduling of all subcontract work, monitoring costs and maintaining scheduled deadlines.

Charles Allen, Vice President of Construction Management
Charles Allen has been a construction manager with Glen Builders since 1995, overseeing many of the firm's largest projects. This has included ten healthcare facilities projects, all of which (other than new construction) were occupied when renovated; and there was no interruption of service due to construction. Previously Allen served as superintendent for construction companies in Florida and New Hampshire, ran his own construction management companies, and served as a project manager/superintendent for the construction of one Olive Garden and seven Bertucci's restaurants for for Metric Corporation of Brookline, Massachusetts

Matthew Howard, Vice President of Business Development

A part of Glen Builders since 2003, Matt Howard cultivates new business partnerships, collaborates on the negotiation of contracts and leads the company’s planning and execution of strategies to increase sales and company growth.

Additionally, Matt is the civil division estimator with responsibility for new project planning, takeoffs, developing project estimates and budgets from plans and specifications, proposal preparation, and negotiations with clients. He also assists the civil division manager in project management functions.

Todd Shiers, Excavation Superintendent

A graduate of Clarkson University with a B.S. in Civil Engineering, Todd Shiers joined Glen Builders in 2001. As on-site superintendent, he has total in charge responsibility for his assigned projects from project start to close-out. He is certified by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services as a subsurface disposal system installer and subsurface disposal system designer.

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